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Flooded Disneyland Photo and Video Update

A rainy day at Disneyland can be a very enjoyable experience for those brave enough to put on some waterproof shoes and arm themselves with an umbrella. Disneyland is great in the rain, the crowds are gone and wait times often shrink to nothing. But the late storms that struck Southern California tested the park.

Last Friday at Disneyland, things got crazy. If you want to skip to the main event, the video we filmed that day, here ya go:

When we first got there everything was fine; there was a fair amount of rain coming down, but like I said that means short lines which works for us!

I’ll get to this one later.

GTA: Main Street U.S.A

Tomorrowland Veggies

Looks like a hobo took over the peoplemover track

AP Days!

It’s a long update today. It continues on Page 2, don’t miss out.

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