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Flooded Disneyland Photo and Video Update

The Haunted Doggo

And finally, after years of waiting, we got into Club 33.

Nah, not really. Someday.

Fortune Red

Miss you, Pirates! (Under Refurbishment)

Tower of Tarp-er

Awesome effect from Frozen: Live at the Hyperion

I just realized that this bathroom area in Hollywood Land looks a bit like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House in Los Angeles.

The Ennis House

No comment.

Very cute new Wait Time sign at It’s a Small World.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride was closed for a while, but we could still see Angus Macbadger through the window.

Indiana Jones Queue

Until March 9th when AP Days ends, the Main Street Opera House (home of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln) will be screening the 1986 documentary Backstage Disney: The Main Street Electrical Parade at select times in the evening. We loved this special! It was very informative and provided a solid dose of 80s cheese.

Here’s a link to the rare documentary on YouTube:

Bill Gates.

Mary Blair

That’s all for today’s photo update! Make sure you check out the video!

Oh, also Valentine’s Day happened last week.

Art by Mel <3

(Photo of Ennis House by Mike DillonOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link)

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