Walt Disney World plans to extend Annual Passholder Only Entry Queues

During the busy holiday season, in the middle of Annual Passholder blackout dates, Walt Disney World set up a special passholder only entrance line at each of its theme parks. It was a nice gesture, great for those times of day when the entrance gets backed up, and really didn’t require much more than a cast member to set up a sign and a rope at one end of the entrance gates at each park.

The gesture, as nice as it was, was scheduled to end at the end of January. However, I’m hearing that the parks will continue to offer the perk for Passholders, at least for now.

The only problem now is that Disney doesn’t always staff the queues with someone who checks to make sure that only APs enter the queue. This isn’t a big deal when the queues are all short, but pretty much negates the benefit of having an AP queue when non-AP holders are allowed to join the line too.

There is an other AP benefit I’m really enjoying right now. The 20% off discount at certain restaurants for the 45th Anniversary. I’m a lot more likely to dine in the parks now that I know the prices are a bit more reasonable.

What other sort of AP benefits do you take advantage of? What would you like to see offered in the future?

4 thoughts on “Walt Disney World plans to extend Annual Passholder Only Entry Queues”

  1. If DL would do the AP line too, that would be AMAZING!! I constantly hear fellow APs making the same wish. This goes to show it CAN be done!!

  2. We’re at Disney now and the AP lines aren’t any faster than the regular lines. Not sure it should be called a AP benefit. I AM definitely enjoying that 20% discount though.

  3. Even though we don’t live in Florida, we buy Annual Passes every year. We spend about four weeks in Orlando every year, so it’s well worth it. Since we’re also members of Tables in Wonderland, we tend not to use our AP for dining discounts much, but we certainly love the merchandise discounts and the free parking, in addition to being able to come and go from the parks all we want without having to worry about “getting our money’s worth” out of park tickets the way we used to when we’d buy a 10-day ticket. We have yet to visit with the new AP entry queues, but we look forward to having that perk as well.

  4. We have been at least 6 different times to all four parks since they set the lines up. We have seen cast members out before the lines to insure that only APs are getting into the designated lines. We very much appreciate these AP entrances. They make getting into the parks much easier.

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