Fan model of Space Mountain at Disneyland is next best thing to being there

Disneyland Paris fan Jigao Wu, has constructed an amazing functioning scale model of the Space Mountain roller coaster at the park. Even better he figured out how to mount a tiny camera in the attraction giving us a Point of View experience like no other. Right now the attraction is mocked up like Space Mountain: Mission 2.

Check out the amazing video here:

That was a super well-done model. It takes up most of a room and is just the interior. If the roller coaster track looks familiar to you it’s the popular K-nex brand. I had no idea, but it looks like K-nex even has an official Disneyland Space Mountain model.

If you were to build a scale model of a Disney attraction at your home, which would you chose and where would you put it?

(Photo courtesy Flickr cc-2.0 license by David Jafra)