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Cars 3 poster from Pixar continues dark feel

It’s a bad day for Cars star Lightning McQueen in the first teaser poster for Cars 3 from Pixar. The poster continues the theme of the teaser trailer with McQueen having a very bad crash that promises to change everything.


According to Pixar chief John Lasseter the third movie in the Cars series will feature a “very emotional story” which finds McQueen having to recover from potential career ending accident, just like his mentor Doc Hudson. Many of the other citizens of radiator springs will return (including Tow Mater and Sally), but there will also be a few new characters.

Cars 3 will hit theaters on June 16, 2017.

1 thought on “Cars 3 poster from Pixar continues dark feel”

  1. I liked Cars 1 (would say loved, but a younger brother who watched it every day for about 6 months straight at one time sort of… not ruined but definitely lowered my enjoyment of it a bit) and was sort of “meh” on Cars 2. I wasn’t really thrilled at the announcement of the 3rd movie (and laughed that they buried it under the announcement of a sequel that a lot more people were waiting for), but the teaser and poster have both really caught my attention in a way most teasers sort of… don’t. But this is a very clear peak of what this movie is going to hold and be about. So long as they’re not rushed so Disney can make more money on toys (what I sort of feel like happened with Cars 2), I think it could be a pretty great movie. It’ll definitely be interesting to see where they go with this story.

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