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Disney’s Moana knows the way to a box office win


Thanksgiving weekend turned out to be a gift for Disney Animation’s Moana as it navigated its way to one of the best five-day Thanksgiving weekend totals of all time with $81.1 million. Pretty good considering it was up against the second weekend of Harry Potter and all those people looking for great shopping deals. To be fair, Disney’s Frozen did better over the same weekend with $93.6 million.

Moana still has a 98% fresh rating, which makes it one of the best-reviewed movies of the year tool. Some going so far as to say it’s evidence Disney has perfected their Princess movie formula. I wouldn’t go that far, but I do think the movie has legs as we go into the holidays.

International Box Office for Disney’s Moana is so far low with just $16.3 million as the film has not yet opened wide globally.

With Disney/Marvel’s Doctor Strange passing into the $616 million range, the Walt Disney Studios 2016 only gets more impressive. The studio owns 5 of the top 10 films for the year and looks to end up with more than half of the global box office total for 2016 too.

What’s your estimate for Moana’s final box office total, considering Zootopia did $1.023B at the global box office and Finding Dory did even slightly better with $1.026B?

1 thought on “Disney’s Moana knows the way to a box office win”

  1. I think 800 million is realistic. I would be surprised if it broke 1 billion, but I hope it does. My family really enjoyed it.

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