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New “Once Upon A Time” Digitally Mapped Projection castle show coming to Magic Kingdom


Cinderella Castle has always been the iconic center of the Magic Kingdom. Four years ago it also became a canvas for a nightly show that featured iconic Disney moments courtesy digital mapping projection technology. Disney just announced a new show will soon light upon the fairy-tale castle telling a ‘Once upon a time” fairy-tale of its own

After a four-year run “Celebrate the Magic” will have its final show on Nov 3, then the next night the new show will debut.

Projection-mapping technology allows Disney’s artists to produce a three-dimensional effect that fits every nook and contour of the castle. The result is a giant canvas that opens like a storybook and becomes living art.

Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the timeless animated classic, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the new projection show is narrated by Mrs. Potts who shares “once upon a time” bedtime stories with Chip.

Projected scenes let guests relive some of their favorite Disney moments. They’ll fly with Peter Pan above the rooftops of London to Never Land, drop in on a whimsical tea party hosted by the Mad Hatter and watch Winnie the Pooh rise to the top of the Castle while he hangs from a colorful balloon. These are just some of the enchanting tales that come to life in “Once Upon a Time.”

The show culminates with classic scenes from Beauty and the Beast – the Beast waltzing with his beloved Belle, his duel with Gaston, and finally his transformation back to the Prince. As Mrs. Potts and Chip conclude their bedtime story, the show moves to its grand finale including appearances by characters from some of Disney’s most beloved animated tales. Fireworks bursting above the Castle add to the magic.

Note: this new show is not related to the ABC TV show of the same name.