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Tower of Terror signed removed from Disney California Adventure

Tower of Terror sign removed

As we reported earlier, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction at Disney California Adventure is being transformed into a Marvel themed Guardians of the Galaxy attraction. Like it or not, there’s no going back now.

As the view from the Howard Johnson Anaheim’s webcam shows (above), work is now clearly underway on the Tower of Terror. Cranes are up and the iconic neon “The Hollywood Tower Hotel” sign has been removed.

(Photo courtesy Disneyland)

The attraction is still in operation during construction, but guests may experience limited hours. The final day has been planned for January 2, 2017 and Disneyland is planning a special event as a going away party.

Are you sad to see the sign removed and the attraction theme changing, or are you ready for something new at DCA?

10 thoughts on “Tower of Terror signed removed from Disney California Adventure”

  1. They seriously couldn’t have waited until AT LEAST Halloween season was over; considering that they are advertising it all over the media as part of the season?!?!? So sad.

  2. This is up there with Disney thinking The Lone Ranger was a good movie. This change is terrible. Leave Tower of.Terror alone. Guardians of Galaxy? What a joke. They raise prices, close so many attractions due to Star Wars Land and now closing the best part of DCA. Disney suites must be insane.

  3. I’m really upset about the Tower of Terror going by the wayside. It is an iconic ride (and sign!), and a Guardians of the Galaxy themed-ride is not classic or “Disney-ish”.

  4. Why is Disney ruining this great ride? Their short-sighted decision to close one of DCA’s most popular & iconic rides is incomprehensible corporate thinking. If they wanted to promote their Marvel movies, be creative and think of something new. What’s next? Superheroes of the Caribbean?

  5. I’m glad they aren’t doing that in Florida. It’s such a great themed ride. Not sure how Guardians of the Galaxy theme will fit into that kind of a building though.

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