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Blaze Pizza forges path to fast fantastic food at Disney Springs


We were invited to a media event for Blaze Pizza a new fast fired pizza restaurant at Disney Springs. Located behind Planet Hollywood across the springs from Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming, the pizza establishment offers a fresh tasty food option at a price nearly as affordable as any location in Disney Springs.

If you believe the back story invented by Disney’s Imagineers for Disney Springs, Blaze Pizza took over the space that used to be occupied by the town’s lumber mill – The Buena Vista Timber Co. The restaurant design include little touches that echo the workings of a lumber mill. From a prop wood planer to the layout of the dining room (the tables are designed to echo logs being pulled up to the mill from the springs) to the Cypress Wood panels that line the counter (look for the rough hewn bark edge), it’s a great look for a restaurant.

The location offers indoor, outdoor dining, but features huge glass windows so even if you’re dining indoors, you feel like you’re outside anyway. There are a lot of hard surfaces, so if the place gets busy, it also gets loud, but really that was my only complaint.

When you enter the restaurant you can pick a drink from a cooler or wait to order a fountain drink or draft beer. You then enter one of two queues for ordering your pizza. They have some suggestions or you can customize your own pizza by selecting from the well labeled ingredients in front of you. Each pie is 11 inches and there are more than 40 different sauces and toppings. Vegan and Gluten Free options are available. Helpful Blaze Pizza staff members are there to answer any questions you may have.

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I went pretty traditional this time, but the options are pretty huge. For instance, if you’re not a fan of red sauce, they have pesto, white or just olive oil.

All the ingredients and portion sizes are designed to make the next piece of magic work. Once your pizza is assembled, it’s added into a uniquely constructed fast fire oven where it’s cared for by a pizza smith who is trained to make sure your pizza comes out absolutely perfect in just about 3 minutes. If it’s not right, they’ll remake it for you, just ask.

Also on the menu are fresh house made salads (I tried the Cesear and mozzarella salads and found both to be above average for a quick service location) and desserts. There are a trio of dessert options, including fresh baked cookies and brownies and a gooey-sticky s’more. I went with the s’more and was not disappointed at all.

My verdict: Blaze Pizza will quickly become a popular option for locals and tourists alike. The 11 inch pizza starts at just under $10 and if you split a side salad ($4) it could easily feed two. That puts Blaze Pizza in the same price range as the other affordable option – Earl of Sandwich.

The new Disney Springs Blaze Pizza location officially opens tomorrow.

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