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Sampling Morimoto Asia’s signature cocktails


We recently had the great pleasure of being invited to cover the new late-night menu at the Forbidden Lounge in Morimoto Asia. The food is a tremendous addition to the options at Disney Springs with the worst part of our review being you have to wait until 10pm to order off it. Today we have a look at the signature adult beverage choices that were paired with our meal.

With the heat of Summer already upon us, we enjoyed the Summer Melon Patch cocktail with our starters. Served with chilled watermelon chunks, Hanger One citrus vodka, watermelon juice, and lime juice, along with some simple syrup. As a refresher, it was perfect. Others at my table declared this their favorite drink of the night.

It was hard for me to pick a favorite drink of the night, but Korean Ginger Heat just edged out the others. Made with Knob Creek bourbon, ginger liqueur, and peach liqueur, while the rim was dipped in a mixture of sweet 5 pice and sugar. There was a little kick to this one, but it was quickly salved by the sweetness that followed. I was not brave enough to try the spicy pepper, your mileage may vary if you do.

The third in the trio of amazing cocktails was the Beijing bourbon tea. Perfect for enjoying on a porch or with a meal, it featured bulleit bourbon, blood orange liqueur, tiki syrup and iced black tea. This went down like sweet iced tea, so order two!


One of the real unexpected bonuses of Morimoto Asia has been its relationship with some great craft beer breweries. For the final course of ramen, we sampled a glass of Morimoto Soba Ale. For this Chef Morimoto partnered with my favorite craft brewer, Rogue Ale out of Newport, Oregon. The roasted Soba gives it a malty sweetness and plenty of floral notes. It paired wonderfully with the Ramen but also had enough flavor that I would drink it on its own.

These lovely drinks are not part of the late-night menu, which is good news, as you can order them from the bar at any time of the day. As always, please drink responsibly. Disney’s transportation service is available until 2AM at Disney Springs or use your own designated driver.

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  1. We did lunch at Morimoto with friends from Europe last week. It was very good and I did enjoy it. Not so enjoyable was $197 for lunch for four with no alcohol. Not planning on going back. Much better value a cross the street at Raglan Road.

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