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Disney Princesses with a modern fashion twist


Omer Hacohen is a young photographer from Tel Aviv with an eye for fashion and family portraits. She recently produced a photoshoot that featured Disney Princesses, only with a modern twist.

“The great thing about these photos, are that the girls represent real women that made their dream of becoming a princess come true,” says Hacohen.

The modern interpretation of classic Disney Princesses, which Hachoen called, “Project Fairytale” took a month to accomplish and also involved the talents of makeup artist Ogi Zen.

Hacohen’s style would fit very well with DisneyBounding, which she said he’d never heard of before today. I think any of these outfits would be great for DisneyBounding. Where do you draw your DisneyBound inspiration from?

1 thought on “Disney Princesses with a modern fashion twist”

  1. Whatever..why is there even a need to update the Princesses???? They are fine as they are…fantasy…which gives rise to imagination…

    Just like the “updated” versions of “Charlie and the Chocolate factory” …or “Alice Through the Looking Glass”….terrible and not suitable for young children.

    Leave them alone already!!!!!!!!!!

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