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Morimoto Asia adds late night menu to Forbidden Lounge


As word gets out that Disney Springs is once again the new place at Disney World to be after the sun goes down, we’re starting to see some locations add exciting new experiences for guests. The latest is a new late-night menu for the 2nd floor Forbidden Lounge at Morimoto Asia.

Starting at 10pm every night, guests will be able to choose from a selection of “izakaya” style eats. In Japan izakaya meals happen late at night after you’ve already been out on the town. You sit down at the bar with your friends and share great food (usually finger food or sushi), special drinks, and ramen noodles.

The new menu was hand selected by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto and Executive Chef Yuhi Fujinaga who each brought the love of street food and passion for flavor to the table. We were invited to sample many of the items and some of the new seasonal adult beverages. Pretty much everything was a winner.


(Click to enlarge menu)

(Click to enlarge menu)

A few of my favorites were the portobello mushroom fries served with mentaiko mayo. Lightly coated in tempura and deep fried, these were a hit with everyone around the table.


The kurobato sausage bao is a fun spin on the classic baseball hotdog. Only with a berkshire pork sausage, cucumber, and whole grain mustard on a boa bun. Street food with a twist.


You won’t want to leave without trying a plate of the spicy garlic soy glazed chicken wings and the menchi katsu slider. The slider is Chef Morimoto’s award-winning fried hamburger slider that won the 2016 SOBE burger bash. The sesame seed bun was perfectly toasted and the sweet and tangy barbecue sauce complimented the perfectly cooked meat. Even the Asian slaw was a terrific addition as opposed to the traditional lettuce. I would pay $14 for the pair of sliders all day over the $12 burger served across the springs.

We ended the night with a huge bowl of tonkotsu ramen, which was egg noodles, roasted pork, woodear mushroom, and pickled ginger in a rich pork broth. You haven’t had broth until you’ve had proper ramen and this definitely qualifies. I know I’ll be a back to order more from Morimoto Asia’s Forbidden Lounge.

If you don’t feel like venturing upstairs, you can always check out the Morimoto Street Food Window too. There’s no excuse to go hungry or thirsty in Disney Springs thanks to the great new offerings. I hope you’ll check them out soon.