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10 Magic Kingdom attractions we’d love to live in


Who hasn’t dreamed of living full time at the Magic Kingdom. Being able to wake up and stumble out the door for a quick ride on your favorite attraction would be great. Who needs coffee when you have Big Thunder Mountain in your backyard.

Of course, life wouldn’t be exactly conventional; we look at what live would be like in the 10 Magic Kingdom attractions we want to live in.

10. Haunted Mansion: sure it would be a little creepy at first, but then you’d get to know its creeks and howls and before you knew it, you’d fit right in. Plus dance lessons in the ballroom every night.


9. Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid: You’d always have a party to go to and the sounds of the ocean are very relaxing. Let’s just call it beach front property

Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid Marquee

8. Enchanted Tales with Belle: The best of both worlds, a small cottage with private access to Beast’s castle. Don’t go into the West Wing though.

7. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress: Three days out of the week you’d have to go without the benefits of modern living, but assuming they ever get around to updating the last scene, you’d get a nice glimpse of the future at least one day a week.

6. Liberty Belle Riverboat: Who doesn’t like the idea of a boathouse? This one even has a bed in the captain’s quarters. Now if only Princess Tiana would stop by with some of her greaet gumbo.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: One word – treasure bath!

4. The Jungle Cruise: It might feel like roughing it at first, but living in the Junge Cruise would be an adventure every day. You could stay in those little cabins on stilts across from the loading dock.

3. Swiss Family Treehouse: In our family we call this attraction the stairmaster. You’d definitely get a workout going up and down the stairs, but there are some amazing views from up there in the canopy. Plus you’ll learn to Polka.

2. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: Living in Snow White’s cottage wouldn’t be so bad. Plus it’s just a short walk to a huge gem and diamond mine. Hard to beat that bonus.


1. Cinderella Castle: Since the upper level was converted into the Dream Suite, who hasn’t dreamed of spending the night there. This one is at the top of our list to live in. With a home like this, you would truly live like Disney royalty.

Are we missing any of your favorites?

8 thoughts on “10 Magic Kingdom attractions we’d love to live in”

  1. For your number one attraction, Cinderella Castle, don’t forget that in addition to the dream suite, you have an amazing dining room on the second floor.

  2. I think I’d like to live in a little apartment above one of the shops in the France pavilion

  3. Many years ago, I entered a contest to try to win a one night sleeping in the castle suite (what a 25th anniversary that would have been!) I still wish they would run the possibility of someone to be allowed to stay in that suite..even for just one night when staying on other Disney property hotels…for a small extra fee perhaps?

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