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Magic Kingdom adds Electrical Parade Dining Package


Starting today, you can make a reservation to enjoy Lunch at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant and know you’ll have reserved seating for the Main Street Electrical Parade at night. The seating will also be right in town square in front of the flagpole on Main Street USA.

Your lunch includes a choice of appetizer, entree, dessert and a beverage and the cost is $45 for adults and $17 for children. (Tax and Gratuity not included.) It’s one table-service entitlement on your Disney Dining Plan, if you would rather go that route.

It’s almost as if somewhere at Walt Disney World there sits a team of managers whose job it is to come up with a new slate of up-charge experiences designed to give guests an extra magical experience and fill Disney’s coffers with money they may not have otherwise earned. Oh wait, there is just such a group. This committee came up with ideas like “Disney After Dark,” the $150 experience that has already been quietly discontinued.

I question whether adding more up-charge events is the right way for Disney to grow its profits (there’s a strong argument for just growing overall capacity and attendance as a stronger long term bet). But there are definitely some events that actually do work. The tours, the wild Africa trek, and, of course, the dessert parties.

To me, it would make more sense for Disney to offer a dessert party experience on the porch of Tony’s restaurant than simple reserved seating. But I guess we will see how this works, it’s been pretty successful for Fantasmic! for a number of years.

Will you be taking advantage of the new Electrical Parade dining package?

2 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom adds Electrical Parade Dining Package”

  1. No……to eat lunch there…then the time to get back there for the nighttime parade???? if you go to the later electrical light parade showing…you do it for free…with less hassles. These up-charges are getting out of hand as far as making it an affordable destination for a family. No wonder they “quietly canceled” the $150 Disney after dark…don;t they realize that with a fee like that…per person…nof amily (or at least the families I know) can afford that?????? When did going to Disney World start becoming a “luxury” trip for families????

  2. Not a chance John. Both my wife and I dislike that parade. But we do enjoy when it’s running because the crowds go to see it freeing up a lot of attractions.

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