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Deleted characters and more from Zootopia DVD bonus features


Today’s the day that Disney’s billion dollar hit Zootopia is available to purchase. If you’ve fallen in love with the wonderfully innovative mammal metropolis of Zootopia and the comedic chemistry of rookie rabbit officer Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) and scam-artist fox Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) then have we got a couple bonus feature previews for you.

Deleted Characters

These characters were designed for Zootopia, but didn’t make the final cut of the movie. Don’t worry, the movie creators still have a fondness for them. There’s a good chance they’re still wandering around Zootopia somewhere. Perhaps waiting for a sequel


Also on the DVD is a bonus feature focused on the voices behind the characters

Other bonus features include candid conversations with filmmakers and artists behind Zootopia, an alternate opening, and a sneak peek at some of the hidden Easter Eggs that make reference to Disney Animation’s most beloved films and characters.


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