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“Return to the Isle of the Lost” sequel to Disney Descendants novel


The Disney Channel Original Movie “Disney Descendants” ponders what would happen if the children of Disney’s most evil villains were sent to a school for the kids of Disney’s heroes and heroines. It was a great concept and remains one of the most popular DCOMs ever. But did you know that the movie was preceded by a book? Yes, author Melissa de la Cruz wrote “The Isle of the Lost” which became a #1 best seller on the New York Times list.

“Return to the Isle of the Lost” picks up where the movie left off with Mal having broken her villainous habits. Alas, she and her friends Evie, Carlos, and Jay are all summoned back home to get to the bottom of a new mystery involving their parents.

I love this trailer for “Return to the Isle of the Lost” a Disney Descendants novel

Get ready to Return to the Isle of the Lost in Melissa de la Cruz ‘s new Descendants novel available Tuesday, May 24th. Pre-order your copy now and save more than 40% off the retail price! Your purchase via Amazon helps support The Disney Blog. Thank you.

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