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Minnie Mouse inspires high fashion in Shanghai


At this year’s Shanghai Fashion Week, Disney China asked four well-known local designers to create new fashion collections inspired by the global style icon that is Minnie Mouse. The innovative designs from Ji Cheng, Han Lulu, Cindy Soong and Makin Ma will debut during Shanghai Fashion Week on April 12, 2016, highlight Minnie Mouse’s timeless vitality with unique interpretations of her iconic polka dots and bow.

Since her 1928 debut alongside Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie, Minnie Mouse has had an impact on the fashion industry. Known for being feminine, elegant, passionate for life and versatile in style, Minnie has served as a muse for designers for decades and her footprint is seen across fashion weeks and runway shows in New York, London, Paris and Tokyo.

“Minnie Mouse is Disney’s fashion star,” said Allen Au-Yeung, VP of Product Creative, The Walt Disney Company Greater China. “Since Minnie’s inception her classic polka dots and red bow have always been on trend and continue to appeal to young adult females in China and around the world. Disney China is pleased to work with these renowned Chinese designers, whose creative interpretations of Minnie’s style will connect with young fashionistas in China.”

“Minnie possesses traits that young women admire, and she also has an iconic fashion style. In my eyes, Minnie is like a close girlfriend. My brand advocates positive energy and having a zest for life, which matches the spirit of Minnie perfectly.” – Ji Cheng


“Minnie is a fun fashion icon for metropolitan women like me.” – Han Lulu


“Minnie has a lovely balance of independence and femininity.” – Cindy Soong


“I am inspired by life, love and fantasy. With Minnie as my muse, I wanted to create something powerful yet elegant for today’s modern woman.” – Makin Ma


What do you have in your wardrobe that is inspired by Minnie Mouse?