Five potential new names for Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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While many fans of Disney’s Hollywood Studios are wondering which of their favorite attractions are next on the chopping block, there is one eminent change we are all still waiting to be announced. At a shareholder’s meeting in early 2015, it was confirmed that Disney’s Hollywood Studios would soon change its name to reflect its evolving identity. There has been no official word on what this will be just yet, but just for fun here are five guesses at what we could be calling DHS in the future:

  1. Disney’s Florida Adventure – Okay, so it’s not super creative, and it doesn’t really unite the Pixar and Star Wars presence that will dominate the next wave of expansion. However, DHS has already undergone one name change in its relatively young life (who doesn’t reinvent themselves in their 20s?), and so perhaps a more less-specific park name is the way to go this time. So far, it’s worked for Disney’s California Adventure which is home to a wide variety of attractions. And if you think about it, a giant orange rivaling the size of Epcot’s Spaceship Earth could be a fantastic icon to represent the great state of Florida, would it not?
  2. Disney’s Imagine Nation – Again, this would cast a wider scope from the narrow, Hollywoodcentric focus of the park’s current name. And, it wouldn’t be a stretch for a company who have dubbed their engineers “imagineers” to celebrate creative innovation in the rebranding of this park.  A name like this would also cast an incredibly wide net as to the types of future attractions that would fit into its theme.
  3. Disney’s Universe of Dreams – In the same vein as #1 and #2, a name like this would be all inclusive of attractions old and upcoming. Also, it could be a way to highlight an attraction that absolutely MUST stay at the park – Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. Although, now that I’m looking at it… perhaps naming a park that could be shortened to the acronym of DUD isn’t the best choice. Hmm… Disney’s Dream Universe, instead?
  4. Disney’s Hollywoodland – When Disney-MGM Studios had its dedication in 1989, then CEO Michael Eisner said this at the ceremony, “The World you have entered was created by The Walt Disney Company and is dedicated to Hollywood—not a place on a map, but a state of mind that exists wherever people dream and wonder and imagine, a place where illusion and reality are fused by technological magic…” As a nostalgic person (and lover of the Hollywood state of mind as described by Eisner) I’m not ready entirely to let go of the original vision for this park. As far as I’m concerned, Hollywood Boulevard represents America in the same vein that Main Street USA does, and therefore it belongs in WDW. Keeping Hollywood somewhere in the name of this park would ensure that its roots would be preserved for a while longer.
  5. Disney’s Cashcow – We’re supposed to call spades, spades right?  And let’s face it, with the Star Wars and Toy Story expansions, a cash cow is exactly what this park is going to become. They are striking while the iron is hot here (though arguably, these two franchises never seem to cool off), so why not just build a giant golden calf right there in front The Great Movie Ride and sell ice cream treats made from its milk at a stand nearby. I kid (a little) because this isn’t a real name I would propose for the rebranding of DHS as true as the sentiment might be. Still, it’s fun to imagine what Disney could do with a tongue-in-cheek idea like this. Somehow they’d probably be able to pull it off, with a hidden Mickey birthmark on the cow’s rear to boot.

What do you think the new name of the park will be? What new icon do you want a photograph in front of at the new and improved DHS? Comment below!

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  2. I think Disney Hollywoodland is the best and easiest to change, drop “studios” and add “land”. Keeps the character of the park. #2 remind me of Figment and the “Imagination” pavilion at EPCOT. #3 will make guests think it is Universal Studios more than they do already. Obvious #5 is a joke and #1, I think California Adventure name doesn’t fit there so Florida Adventure sounds like a state park, not Disney.

  3. I like Disney Hollywood land I have to agree you have to keep Hollywood in the name. How about Hollywood Dreams.

  4. I’m not fond of Hollywoodland. It sounds unimaginative and it calls to mind the low rent “Somethinglands” which sprouted up in the wake of Disneyland’s success. That said, I don’t see why Hollywood or Movies can’t continue to be part of identity. There doesn’t have to be a “working film studio” premise to make the theme “movies”. It’s a place where Walt Disney Pictures, Lucasfilm and Disney|Pixar come together. It could have a name that comes from that. Walt Disney Studios Adventure Park maybe, Disney’s Magic of the Movies, Disney’s Hollywood Adventure…

  5. Paul Douglas, Hollywoodland was the original name of Hollywood, and the famed Hollywood sign previously had “land” attached to the end.

  6. Hey Ms Posthuma….. welcome to the Disney blog. We look forward to your fantastic writing and expert knowledge of all things Disney!!!

  7. Although “Disney’s Imagine Nation” is probably my favorite of the ones listed, I think it could expand into a bigger concept. The word “NATION” seems to limit it’s scope. Perhaps “Disney’s Imagine Universe”????

    1. I agree with Hollywood Adventure. Since Star Wars Land, and Toy Story Land will be added to Hollywood, it truly is a Hollywood adventure.

  8. I think we’ll see the name “Hollywood” kept in there in some capacity. The fact that its “Main Street” is 1930s Hollywood would be reason enough, but using the name “Hollywood” allows for quite the big umbrella in terms of the theming of other lands.

    Personally, I’ve been thinking that “Walt Disney’s Hollywood” might be a potential new name.

  9. i would think something like Disney Acquisitions or Disney Un-Disney as this park is being torn down to make room for franchises that weren’t created by Disney.

    1. Yes, because all of the movies in The Great Movie Ride were created by Disney. Indiana Jones was created by Disney. The Muppets were created by Disney. The Twilight Zone was created by Disney. Star Wars (Star Tours) was created by Disney. Aerosmith was created by Disney. Right? You know, all the totally original Disney-related attractions that have been there for years?

      Claiming that a park full of attractions based on movies (and rock bands) that had no original association with Disney is being Un-Disney’d by adding Star Wars Land and Pixar Land is simply ridiculous.

  10. It should be called Disney Studios and have themed areas associated with each of Disneys studio properties. We are already getting something for Lucas and Pixar, plus you can keep the products from Disney animation itself. Following MGM Studios and Hollywood Studios, I think Disney Studios simply makes the most sense.

  11. I agree about keeping the idea of hollywood in. But it needs a little more energy

    Disney’s Hollywood Adventure

    dont know what a new icon could be. All i know is it cant be tower of terror for forever (i mean like common! theres a towere of terror in cali thats even larger!!)

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