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Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 2 Nears Finale

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Quick Disclaimer: I was under the impression that this season of Agent Carter had eight episodes like last season. In fact, there are ten episodes this year which means that ABC aired two more episodes back to back this week and the finale will be next week. Also with Hayley Atwell signed up for a new series next year, there’s some concern that Agent Carter won’t be renewed. So please make sure to watch the final episode and catch up by watching any episodes you missed at the ABC website.

Now on to the recap:

This week, Ana Jarvis is out of surgery but hasn’t woken up and Mr. Jarvis is not handling it well. Jason Wilkes wakes up chained to a pole with Whitney Frost standing over him waiting to compare notes on the Zero Matter. Peggy heads back to Stark’s house and finds Sousa there who tells her that Whitney is looking for the uranium rods that they stole from her. Peggy decides to offer Whitney a trade: the rods for Jason, though she’s not planning on holding up her end of the deal.

Meanwhile, Jack is in London looking for some dirt that he can dig up on Peggy.

Ana wakes up to the great relief of her husband. The doctor pulls him aside to tell him that, while the surgery was a success, there were some complications. Ana can no longer have children but Jarvis decides not to tell her.
Back at Stark’s house, Samberly is showing off his latest achievement; rods that look like the ones that were stolen and even read like they’re uranium but are not. As the team is about to head out, Jack shows up with the file he found on Peggy but she calls it a forgery and tells him that he should know better than to cut corners to get ahead.

At the meeting place, the deal goes smoothly until the rods fall to the ground revealing their false nature.
Fortunately, Jason has already been traded so they drive off quickly. Unfortunately, Jason has switched sides in order to get some answers about what is happening to him. He threatens to kill Peggy unless Sousa tells him where the rods are. Sousa tells him they’re at the SSR.

At the SSR, Vernon Masters is reassuring Jack that it doesn’t matter if the events in Peggy’s file happened or not, it’s an official document so it’s true regardless. Whitney calls Vernon and tells him to get the rods. Jack overhears and tries, unsuccessfully, to stop him. Finally, Jack accepts that Vernon is not a good guy and teams up with Peggy and Sousa to stop him.

They go after Whitney but are too late. She uses the uranium to open a rift in the Zero Matter which sucks Jason into it but leaves Whitney behind. Peggy’s team sets up a gamma cannon that Stark has told them will destroy the Zero Matter. They’re original goal is to use it on Whitney and Jason, but after seeing the rift, they decide, wisely, to get rid of it instead. The cannon closes the rift leaving Jason passed out on the ground. Jarvis is out for revenge and attempts to kill Whitney, but instead gets himself and Peggy kidnapped.


Moving on to the next episode, we start off with a show stopping musical number, and that’s not a joke. Completely unexpected but not entirely unentertaining.

Peggy wakes up from her unusual dream and finds herself and Jarvis tied up in the back of a truck. Back in the desert, a couple of SSR agents show up to arrest Sousa, Samberly and even Jack but Jack convinces them that he hasn’t switched sides.

Peggy and Jarvis escape from the truck but are now stranded in the desert. They begin walking and take the opportunity to air their grievances about each other. As much as I love the action and spy stuff, I think my favorite moments are the personal ones between these two.

Whitney figures out that her prisoners have escaped so she sends some men back to retrieve them. All this accomplishes is Peggy and Jarvis now having a truck to travel through the desert in instead of walking as they are easily able to overpower Whitney’s goons.

At the SSR, Vernon is upset that Sousa and Samberly are still alive until Jack tells him that they can fix the cannon so they can use it on Whitney. Meanwhile, Whitney has set up a makeshift lab so she can begin experimenting on Jason, who has woken up but is doing worse than ever.

Peggy has finally made it back to the SSR and makes an uneasy alliance between her, Sousa, Jack and Vernon. Samberly is taking longer than expected to fix the cannon so Jack volunteers to go tell Whitney the bad news. Instead, he tells her what they’re planning and says he can deliver the cannon and Vernon to her in exchange for a seat on the Council. Jack had Samberly turn the cannon into a bomb and plans to use it to blow Vernon, Whitney and Jason up.

The rest of the team figures out what he’s up to and have Samberly quickly build a machine that will block the signal from the bomb’s detonator. Now Whitney has Vernon captured and the SSR agents are arguing about whether or not to use the bomb because, while those two certainly aren’t innocent, Jason is.

Jason, meanwhile, is getting worse and stumbles into the room with Vernon and Whitney just as the Zero Matter completely overtakes him and the episode ends.

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