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Rumor: Broadway Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda attached to Mary Poppins sequel


When you finally arrive in Hollywood, everyone wants a piece of you for their project. The latest talented individual to make it big is Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the Broadway hit “Hamilton” and composer of the music in Maz’s cantina in “Star War: The Force Awakens.” He is also writing music for this year’s second Disney animated feature “Moana.” Now his name has just surfaced in rumors about casting for a major Disney project.

The rumors that Disney has a sequel to the Mary Poppin live-action and animated classic have been growing over the last few months. The movie would be set some 20 years after the original with Poppins returning to London to help another generation of the Banks family. Emily Blunt has been rumored to be cast as Mary and Miranda would play Jack the lamplighter, who would play a role similar to Bert in the original film. Miranda is also expected to help compose songs for the new film.

It’s thought that Disney sees this film as a potential new musical on the scale of last year’s “Into the Woods.” In fact Rob Marshall, who directed ‘Woods’, will direct the Poppins sequel. Some Disney fans are worried that it will tarnish the legend of the original film, which started Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. But I think Disney is being careful to assemble a very talented team for the movie, so I’m optimistic. How about you?

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  1. George del Castillo

    I did not like the directing of Rob Marshall of “Into the Woods”. I don’t know how to be concrete about it, but there was something really off about the movie

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