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Marvel’s Agent Carter Recap – Double the Episode, Double the Fun

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Agent-Carter s2e6

Last week’s episode ended with Jason Wilkes disappearing, but learned this week that he reappeared shortly after. He tells Peggy that it is get harder to resist the pull of the Zero Matter. With nothing to anchor him to the real world, he will disappear permanently very soon. However, if they build a containment chamber for him and get him in contact with some more Zero Matter, which made him tangible earlier, they can keep him from disappearing until they can find a better solution.

Peggy comes up with the idea to get a blood sample from Whitney Frost, which sounds like a bad idea already, but added to that is the fact that she wants to bring Dottie Underwood in for help.

Meanwhile, Chadwick tells Whitney that he has arranged a meeting with the Council for her to show them what she’s learned about the Zero Matter. She is excited at the idea, but he clearly has ulterior motives.

Jarvis and Dottie go undercover at Chadwick’s campaign party the next night. Their plan takes a left turn quickly when they see that Jack Thomson is also at the party because Peggy didn’t exactly ask permission to free Dottie. Jarvis distracts Thomson long enough for Dottie to get the blood sample that she needs from Whitney. She tries to slip away from everyone (including Jarvis) but finds her way into the room where the Council is about to meet with Whitney. Whitney shows off her new power on a lab rat and the Council responds by trying to capture her. She, in turn, kills the two security guards, some members of the Council, her own husband and takes over as leader of the remaining Council members.

After they leave, Dottie continues her escape plot, but is seen by Vernon Masters. After a brief fight, Dottie overtakes the guards but is knocked out by Thomson. Vernon and Thomson have a conversation later where Vernon tells Jack that he needs to get rid of Peggy because she keeps messing things up for them. Vernon also has Dottie given to Whitney.

And that’s just the first episode.

agent carter s2e7

The next episode begins with Ana, Jarvis’ wife, helping Wilkes build the containment chamber while Peggy and Sousa try to find Dottie.

Dottie, meanwhile, is being interrogated by Vernon but she continues to frustrate his efforts by not breaking. Whitney shows up and gives Vernon a new assignment while she continues the interrogation. He must find the rods that Peggy stole from Roxxon. Whitney’s power proves to be the one thing that can break Dottie, causing her to tell Whitney why she was at the party.

Back at Stark’s house, they are ready to start up the chamber, which proves to be a success. With the Zero Matter from Whitney’s blood and the chamber, Wilkes is once again solid and the first thing he does is kiss Peggy.
Conveniently, the tracker that they placed on Dottie starts giving off a signal which Jarvis and Peggy deduce is a trap. They head out anyway and along the way have a funny conversation about how Peggy has garnered the affections of both Wilkes and Sousa and how Peggy doesn’t know what to do with that.

At Frost’s house, their plan goes south (as most plans do) and they are quickly captured and taken to the room where Dottie is also being held. Just as quickly, though, they manage to break free because no one has come to check on them. Dottie reveals that the trap was set for Wilkes, not Peggy. So the three quickly head back to Stark’s house.

Whitney is, indeed, at Stark’s house and finds Wilkes in the chamber. She tries to convince him to join her but he refuses so she has to kidnap him instead. Peggy and her team show up as Whitney is about to leave so Whitney shoots Ana in an attempt to slow Peggy down.

They take Ana to the hospital where Dottie uses the opportunity to escape.

Meanwhile, Sousa is attacked in his house by some thugs because he refused to help Vernon find what Peggy stole. That attack doesn’t frighten him as he still refuses to help which leads Vernon to take over as head of the SSR in Los Angeles.

The episode ends with Jarvis and Peggy at the hospital waiting for Ana to get out of surgery, hoping she will survive.

There are a lot of balls in the air right now and only one episode left to resolve them. What did you think of last night’s episodes?