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Star Wars Land: Meet the Imagineer In Charge


For those looking for ever clue deciphering what will be coming to Disney theme parks on both coasts, the LA Times just published an interview with Walt Disney Imaginering’s Scott Trowbridge. Trowbridge has been given the portfolio of managing how the Star Wars franchise appears in Disney’s theme parks and he’s promising something that will meet the huge expectations of fans.

Trowbridge came to WDI after working on a host of projects for competitors. From helping on a Hello Kitty theme park in Japan, to the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, to the recently well-received Wizarding World of Harry Potter (also at Island’s of Adventure).


The Harry Potter work at Universal has been held as an example of the new standard for theme park projects. It’s immersive in the sense that it puts you in the movie, walking through the same world that your favorite characters inhabit. Details everywhere re-enforce the idea that you’re not in Orlando anymore, but rather transported to a wizarding school somewhere in the highlands of Scotland.

This is exactly the sort of experience theme park fans are expecting from Star Wars Land. A shot back across the bow of Universal from Disney and who better to fire it than the captain of imagination who delivered the opening volley.

Read the whole profile and then let us know what your expectations are for Star Wars Land.