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Disney’s Zootopia – Early Reviews Are In


With Disney’s latest animated feature Zootopia opening up in a handful of European countries this weekend, we’re starting to see early reviews of the film. For the most part, they’re positive, even glowing.

The Hollywood Reporter says Zootopia is smartly amusing, crisply relevant, and wildly entertaining. While Variety declares it an adult friendly whodunit and full of worldwide appeal.

The Wrap notes Zootopia “has its share of laughs and action, but sets itself apart with its more serious-minded elements.”

The movie starts out as a country bunny makes good story, but escalates into a full-scale buddy-movie with a strong focus on how exclusivity and an engagement community can make a difference.

It’s nice to see that after some awkward attempts at telling stories that have something to say (Meet the Robinsons, Chicken Little, or even Bolt) Disney’s animators haven’t given up on making movies that matter, not just entertain. It’s probably no coincidence that directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore were responsible for Tangled and Wreck-it Ralph respectively. Those films both played a bit part in showing Disney can both do a genre film and break out of the mold simultaneously.

With just five critics in Zootopia currently stands as 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. That number is bound to change, but it’s a good sign for Walt Disney Animation Studios. They’re on a stretch of hits that might one day rival their friends at Pixar.

Zootopia comes out March 4th in the US and Canada. Are you planning to bring the family to see it?