Former Walt Disney World President Meg Crofton finds seat on Tupperware Board

The author and Meg Crofton

The author and Meg Crofton

The headquarters for Tupperware is just a few miles down Osceola Parkway from Walt Disney World, so former Walt Disney Parks and Resorts (US and France) president Meg Crofton won’t have to go far to find her new position on the Board of Directors of the famous household items brand.

“We are very happy to welcome Meg to the board,” said Goings. “Her nearly four decades of experience in operations for a large global brand and her proven track record of delivering results will bring new knowledge to our leadership team, helping to form new perspectives as we head into 2016.”

Crofton is the former president of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts’ U.S. and France operations. She is a 35-year veteran of the Walt Disney Company, serving numerous leadership roles over the years, spanning from diversified operations, staff and executive roles. Prior to working at the Walt Disney Company, she worked for AT&T, and began her career at General Telephone & Electronics. Crofton holds a Bachelor of Science in marketing and a Master of Business Administration from University of Central Florida.

“Tupperware Brands is a leading global company with a long history and powerful mission – and the brand is just getting started,” said Crofton. “I’m pleased and proud to stand alongside the leadership team and look forward to all we’ll achieve in 2016 and beyond.”

Crofton has served on several boards over the years, including the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission, the Florida Council of 100, the University of Florida, Orlando Health, the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts, the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness and Rollins College.

Crofton’s reign at the Magic Kingdom of Disney was marred by general ennui and lack of change. There were actually quite a few small projects that helped make life easier for cast members, but the big project she ushered in, the next-generation experiment that became Fastpass+ and MyMagic+, has mostly fizzled. Still she brings a consierable amount of experience to Tupperware, a brand that was famously built on personal relationships with consumers, which is similar to the backbone of Disney’s brand – the cast member. So who knows.

Either way, we wish her good luck in the next stage of her career.

4 thoughts on “Former Walt Disney World President Meg Crofton finds seat on Tupperware Board”

  1. “…experiment that became Fastpass+ and MyMagic+, has mostly fizzled.”

    FastPass+ and MyMagic+ have fizzled? What do you mean?

      1. And yet it’s not being rolled out at any other park like they’ve done at Walt Disney World and there are no plans to do so. Stand-by times are up at the most favorite attractions, not down as was predicted. Finally, other than some cool stuff with photopass, none of the next-gen promise of MyMagic+ has come to pass. That’s just off the top of my head. #Fizzle

  2. Fast pass has caused labor cost to balloon and quest satisfaction to diminish . For the rides, it is just about perfect,but for the shows, a complete disaster. No executive has what it takes to stand up. Long term,sad for stockholders —guests—-and cast members

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