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Disney, other Orlando theme parks, making more security changes


Just before the busy holiday season got underway in Orlando, Walt Disney World and Universal brought in outside security company to run metal detectors outside the park’s main entrances & SeaWorld started using handheld wands.. Since then, the parks have continued to randomly scan guests as part of enhanced security protocols.

This system has been running for nearly a month now and according to multiple reports, the parks are looking to make it a permanent change and staff it with their own people. That means all the parks will be hiring more security personnel.

Other security changes include new restrictions on what can be brought into the parks (no toy guns, no costumes on adults, etc) and additional patrols by local law enforcement.

A similar change was made at Disneyland in California.

This is the new reality brought on by the potential of terrorism happening anywhere. The good news is, the United States is safer in terms of violent gun crimes, but the bad news is mass shootings are on the rise.

Do you think the increased security from Disney and other parks will be effective? Does it make you feel safer when at the parks?

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5 thoughts on “Disney, other Orlando theme parks, making more security changes”

  1. Depends on how you define “effective”. I think most American have a fear of falling victim to a terrorist act that is disproportionate to the actual risk. A company like Disney understands the actual risk, but I think it also understands the value to its brand of having guest feel as if they are transported to another place where they can leave their cares behind. If the enhanced security measures help guests do that, it is money well spent for Disney.

  2. I’m thrilled about the new security measures made by Disney! I’m very proud that they are installing metal detectors and increasing security. It only takes one person to cause major problems, and I think this a huge step in the right direction. We were there is December, and I felt safe with the increased security. We also noticed a lot more secruity dogs getting on and off the monorails and the park entrances. Our family loved that these new measures are taking place. We thought after 9/11 they wild have been installed. We felt more safe especially with what is happening throughout the world.

    1. This is certainly true. I’m not sure where the statement “The good news is, the United States is safer in terms of violent gun crimes” came from — safer than what? The violent gun crime rate in the U.S. is much higher than it is in every other first-world country.

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