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Pizza Planet closure leaves questions about its future


The Pizza Planet restaurant and Pizza Planet Arcade are housed in the same building and both are on the Disney’s Hollywood Studios schedule to close for an extended refurbishment beginning January 19 and running through November 7, 2016.

We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for any rumors as to what exactly Disney is doing in the space. But with the building’s proximity to the new Star Wars Land and its distance from the future Toy Story Land, it’s likely the theme of the location will be changing.

The rumor currently getting the most fans excited is a switch to a Muppet themed location. That would not only be a good sign that Muppetvision won’t be closing to make way for Star Wars Land, but also a fun opportunity to use some more beloved Muppets in the park.

Just in case they do change the theme, we stopped in and took some photos to capture how it looks today.

Would you like to see an expanded Muppet-land in the area with a restaurant and perhaps a new attraction? If no, what theme would you like to see at the current Pizza Planet location?