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Baymax Meet and Greet opens at EPCOT


After being evicted from Disney’s Hollywood Studios to make way for Star Wars Launch Bay, the lovable Baymax robot from Disney’s “Big Hero 6” has returned with a meet and greet inside EPCOT. Alas, his buddy Hiro does not appear to have made the journey with him.

You’ll find Baymax located across from the main EPCOT Character Spot inside the former Innovations West hall. A sign outside declares it also part of Character Spot.


Still no word what Disney plans to do with the whole of the former Innoventions space. But if they want to bring in some rare and popular character meet and greets temporarily, I’d be okay with that.

Who would you like to see?

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4 thoughts on “Baymax Meet and Greet opens at EPCOT”

  1. Big Hero 6 is all about using your intelligence to over come obstacles in life. A perfect fit for an innovation space.
    Id love to see Disney expand on that franchise with more films and more space in the former hall dedicated to it.
    The movie has been a huge hit with my daughter.

  2. Makes no sense without Hiro who is the driving force of the meet and greet. Sure everyone likes Baymax but he can barely move and doesn’t react back as Mickey, Pluto, or any of the furry friends. Hiro talks and Baymax can react to Hiro. Not only that, Hiro is the main character of the film more than Baymax is despite the marketing.
    No sense Disney. No sense whatsoever. I mean… and this is even Hiro’s garage. Not Baymax’s garage.
    If they (Disney) wanted to remove Hiro cause of his average outfit, they should have given him his armor.

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