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Rivers of Light – more info about first big water show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Unless you’ve been taking your Sleeping Beauty cosplay too seriously, you’re aware that Disney’s Animal Kingdom is finally expanding to offer a slate of new attractions and entertainment designed to expand the amount of time the average family spends in the park.

Most people are keeping a steady eye on Avatar-Land, but that won’t open until 2017. Coming first is a trio of new options designed to light up the night. The night-safari, a Tree of Life show on Discovery Island, and the Rivers of Light water pageant. Information has been slow to leak out on exactly what those will entail, but now we have Imagineer Joe Rohde to share some exciting new details:

Rivers of Light will take place on Discovery River between Discovery Island, the Theatre in the Wild, and Expedition Everest. It will also include lights on the Tree of Life, which you can see in the background.


According to Disney, “in ‘Rivers of Light,’ a pair of mystical hosts come to the river bearing gifts of light. During the show, the hosts set out from the shore on elaborate lantern vessels for a dramatic dance of water and light to summon animal spirits. With the storytellers as your guides, the wonders of “Rivers of Light” builds to a stunning crescendo.”

The team behind Rivers of Light includes Imagineering and Creative Entertainment, along with master puppet designer Michael Curry, composer Mark Mancina, and the filmmakers at Disneynature.

Rivers of Light, combined with a new digital projection show on the Tree of Life will provide a spectacular ‘wow!’ moment for guests as they leave the park.

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