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Bomb scare causes brief evacuation at Disney’s All Star Movies Resort


Last night around dinner time, reports of some sort of partial closure and evacuation of the All Star Movies Resort started to appear online. Fire officials later confirmed that the lobby and surrounding areas were evacuated. Guests were also kept away from the resort during the evacuation.

The Sheriff Office confirmed that the activity was due to a bomb scare. But it turned out to be a false alarm. The area was swept with bomb sniffing dogs and found to be all-clear about an hour later.

Guests were never in danger and were let back in after the all-clear was given.

We’ll see if further details emerge about this event and update this story if we get them.

3 thoughts on “Bomb scare causes brief evacuation at Disney’s All Star Movies Resort”

  1. The sad thing about this is that there we be some “self Deserving” people who will use that as an opportunity to be compensated for the disruption in their holiday. That’s the sort of world we live in. People will be looking for something free out of this unfortunate event.

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