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I-4 off-ramp now connects directly to Disney Springs parking garage


I know that many people have been staying away from Disney Springs during the massive construction. They say the traffic just makes it too difficult to get in and out of the area. It’s a bit like the great Yogi Berra’s saying, “no one goes there anymore, it’s too busy.”

Well, access into Disney Springs just got a lot easier with a new connection from I-4. The off-ramp now provides access to both the orange garage at Disney Springs and to Lake Buena Vista Drive.

To use the new access, take exit 67 off I-4 Westbound and stay to the right. You’ll then have the option to turn right on to Lake Buena Vista Drive heading toward the newly renamed Disney Springs Resort Area Hotels or just head straight ahead over Lake Buena Vista Drive and into the Orange garage.


You can continue to use the old route on to Epcot center Drive and continue to Downtown Disney the old way if you want to try surface parking.

Future construction in the area will see a wider Lake Buena Vista Drive (from 7 to 10 lanes) and the addition of a second parking garage.

(Photo courtesy Walt Disney World in the Community Facebook)