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Vintage 1984 Walt Disney World promotion “Follow Us”


This 30-minute program from 1984 was created to build excitement for the recently expanded Walt Disney World resort. This whole thing is worth watching for Disney theme parks fans, but the opening two and a half minutes is especially amazing. It features performances from many of the entertainers who used to be dotted around the parks and resorts.

I love how the show features actual cast members introducing the lands they work in, not to mention sprinkled throughout on the attractions they work on.

As someone who used to sit and enjoy Disneyland’s life performers for hours, I find it a bit sad to think that the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT once had tmany more live-entertainment options than they do today. I really wish they’d bring back more musical groups and entertainers. Heck, I’d be thrilled if they just brought back the Diamond Horseshoe Revue. At least it would be a start.

Do you think live entertainment is a key part of the Disney theme park experience?

3 thoughts on “Vintage 1984 Walt Disney World promotion “Follow Us””

  1. Absolutely! Quality live entertainment is a key component of a Disney theme park experience. Live entertainment brings the lands to life. It is a key component of the story. There was time when my wife and I could spend an entire day in EPCOT going from Pavilion to Paviolin enjoying the live entertainment and never going on a ride. Voices of Liberty can bring me to tears every time. Mariachi Cobre and the band in Germany are first class acts as are the Dapper Dans and the Main Street Philharmonic. Too many great groups and shows have been eliminated and either not replaced or not replaced with a quality ensemble. I went to Disneyland this summer. What a difference! I heard enough outstanding entertainment in California Adventure to warrant the price of the ticket. Bring some of that quality east!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. The live entertainment and groups adds ambiance and authenticity to the experience…4-D artistry that would make Walt proud.

    I’m guessing the groups were eliminated to make room for additional foot traffic or other attractions (in some cases) and/or because their value-add couldn’t be easily quantified (in favor of, say, basic background music [BGM] in key areas…nice, but not the same as live performances by a long shot).

    With all the renovations, maybe they’ll consider nestling some staging areas into out-of-the-way yet prominently viewable areas to bring some of these kinds of performances back.

  3. I think this video was for Disney University- it was not made for the public but for cast training or recruitment. Clearly, a lot of work went into the numbers at the beginning and end and it’s great to see all of those great cast members from the 80’s when I was in college and working there myself.

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