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A DisneyBound Lookbook


The author, right, and the very talented Heather Traska. She’s beautiful as Elsa. I’m DisneyBounding as a tourist.

If you’ve been considering doing a DisneyBound outfit on your next trip to a Disney theme park, you definitely should. But I know it can be hard to come up with ideas. That’s where Heather Traska comes in, her DisneyBound Lookbook is a fantastic source of inspiration for even beginners. Songstress Traska, who you may remember from her fan favorite One Woman Disney Medleys, made the lookbook while on a recent Walt Disney World vacation.

Traska makes all her own costumes for the videos, so she knew what she was looking for when she decided to do different DisneyBound outfits, sometime more than one, on every day of her recent Walt Disney World trip.

Out of that trip came this DisneyBound Lookbook.

Have you ever gone to a Disney theme park or event in a DisneyBound outfit? If so, which character inspired your fashion selection?