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2015 Walt Disney World Halloween Merchandise – First Look


It was only August 13th, but the 2015 Halloween merchandise collection has already made an appearance in the parks. There’s a new ‘key image’ that focuses on Minnie Mouse in her witch costume or Mickey Mouse as a vampire. Instead of a haunted house, there’s a haunted castle looming behind a spooky looking Main Street USA.

Other characters on the merchandise include: Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Figaro, and Chip n’ Dale. Plus keep an eye out for the Star Wars themed Halloween pins. Those are really cute. I hope they make them in T-shirts as I no longer collect pins, but I’ll buy a Halloween Tee.

Here’s everything we saw while visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios today.

Anything catch your eye and will end up in your Trick or Treat basket this year?