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Construction continues at fast pace at the future Disney Springs

Looking toward future location of STK Orlando

Looking toward future location of STK Orlando

Buildings are going vertical all over Downtown Disney as construction at the future home of Disney Springs shifts into high gear. Yesterday we focused on the Indiana Jones themed Jock Lindsey’s Hanger Bar, today we have a mega-update today with a detailed video and 25 photos from this last weekend.

In this update we look at future restaurant spaces including, The Edison, which will take over the space formerly occupied by The Adventurers Club, and STK Orlando, which will be the largest of the 11 locations in the chain. Additionally, we look at the progress of Town Center, the second parking garage, and more from around Walt Disney World’s popular shopping and entertainment district.

If you’ve been to Downtown Disney recently, you may be surprised as the size of the crowds. But they’re everywhere. Disney really can’t open new locations fast enough to soak them up.

Here’s a photo gallery for those who can’t watch the video:

How important is a visit to Downtown Disney when you’re on vacation at Walt Disney World? What is your can’t miss experience there?

2 thoughts on “Construction continues at fast pace at the future Disney Springs”

  1. How do the fans feel about the transition from Downtown Disney to Disney Springs? Sadly, I am not excited at all about it. First of all, the new name is terrible. Downtown Disney is the perfect name. It tells you that this is a shopping and dining destination, just like the downtown area of any city. Disney Springs sounds like a hotel or city park or who-knows-what? I’m also just not happy about any of the new restaurants or shops being built. All I see are a bunch of expensive places that I neither want nor can afford to patronize. I’d really like to know how other people feel.

    1. You can still visit “Downtown Disney” on the west coast.
      I think ” “Disney Springs” is a perfect name, and eases confusion for those of us who spend time at both the “World” and ” Land”.
      I really don’t care about the new shops being added, because my retail dollars will keep being spent at the current amazing stores in the Marketplace. But the new restaurants and bars are off-the-chsrts exciting for me. And they’re all not even announced yet. I will absolutely eat & drink at several of them on my vacation next year. Food & drink is my main delight at WDW, and this upgrade of Downtown Disney is a dream come true!

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