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Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway welcomes 1 millionth guest with huge surprise


The Genie was working overtime last month when Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway welcomed its 1 millionth guest to the New Amsterdam theatre. The lucky patron was Stephanie Lubin, a medical student from Melville, NY. Not only did she receive an upgrade to VIP seats, the genie granted her a wish for travel to exotic destinations:

That was Aladdin’s Tony-winning Genie, James Monroe Iglehart, making that couple’s wish come true at the curtain call. A round-trip travel package for two on Delta to Tuscany, Italy is a terrific prize. Must be nice to have your own genie.

Stephanie and her date for the evening, her high school sweetheart Kevin Sparaco, got tickets via the daily lottery for day-of seats. Once the usher noticed they were the 1 million guest, Aladdin cast members Jennifer Rias and Angelo Soriano greeted them with a splash of confetti, sashes, and champagne.

This is not the first surprise wish the cast of Disney’s Aladdin has granted either. If the Genie could grant you one wish, what would you wish for?

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