Meeting talking Mickey Mouse at the Magic Kingdom


We finally got to meet talking Mickey Mouse. If you’re one of the lucky ones too, you might be ushered backstage at Town Square Theater in the Magic Kingdom to meet and interact with a talking, and fully articulated head, Mickey Mouse.

Disney first started testing a talking Mickey Mouse back in 2010 over in Disneyland. Talking Mickey debuted at the Magic Kingdom toward the end of 2013. They’ve since refined the experience and it’s quite a bit of fun. In our case, Mickey performed a little magic trick for us.

It’s cute, not too fancy, and doesn’t require Mickey to do anything too crazy, like know the name of the children he’s meeting. Although with MyMagic+ at some point that won’t be a problem.

My only problem is that you’re not guaranteed to see Talking Mickey every time you visit the Town Square Theatre. We’ve probably gone 6 or 7 times over the last year and a half and this is the first time we got to see the show.

Have you met talking Mickey yet? What did you think?

5 thoughts on “Meeting talking Mickey Mouse at the Magic Kingdom”

  1. My family and I had the opportunity to meet “talking” Mickey at Town Square during our recent trip in April. The kids loved interacting with him, and then he did the Hot Dog Dance with them. Definitely a highlight of the trip!

  2. I’ve seen him at a past D23 Expo. A friend even asked Mickey: Walt or Ub? And that was extremely interesting. Someone nearby has to be doing the voice. It can’t be pre-recorded bits of dialogue.

  3. Love it,,,, love Indigo’s chuckle, when Mickey switches cards and ask if it was his lol. We have been to see Mickey around 6 times since he started gracing us with his speech, and 5 out of 6 he talked. Had Happy Birthday sung, another magic trick,,,,LOVE when he has something to say. GREAT JOB Indigo!!!!

  4. Hi! I met talking Mickey. It was cool that he talked portuguese with us. But I thought it was not really not espontaneous. My wife tried to hug him, but he literally “forced” (kindly, ok) us to form for the picture. I liked the other mute Mickey. He was more fun, I guess.

  5. If you don’t always get the talking version, I feel lucky. My wife and I have been to meet him in two different trips to WDW this year and have gotten the talking Mickey both times. Being a Southern California native, we were both shocked the first time we meet him there and he started talking to us.

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