Colortopia exhxibit opening this fall in EPCOT’s Innoventions


I guess Innoventions isn’t on its last legs afterall. After most of Innoventions has been covered in walls and tarps for the last few months, it was beliefed that Disney was working on a new vision for the area. But news of a new partnership coming to Innoventions shows there’s still some life in the concept yet.

The Glidden paint brand and Disney’s Imagineers will bring a colorful interactive experience called “Colortopia”. Opening to park visitors in fall 2015, construction is currently underway to bring the Colortopia experience to life for children and adults of all ages.

“Pairing the magic of the park experience with the magical role color plays in our lives is an exciting opportunity for the Glidden brand,” said Mark Lancia, senior brand manager – Glidden, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings. “We’re excited to share the Colortopia experience with the park’s visitors from around the world.”

Guests to the Colortopia exhibit will encounter unique interactions through fun and surprising hands-on activities. Park visitors will be able to extend the Colortopia exhibit experience throughout Epcot and to their own homes with a mobile application and website set to launch later this year.

What do you think Disney should do with the Innoventions space in EPCOT?

3 thoughts on “Colortopia exhxibit opening this fall in EPCOT’s Innoventions”

  1. Im rather intrigued as to what sort of interactive activities they will have when it comes to using color and the like. Then I think back to some of the videos that are online showing some of the original Imagination Pavilion activities and wonder if they will “plus” some of the cool exploratory items from there as well.

    Being that the Intervention pavilions are not exactly small spaces, it also makes me wonder if other sponsors, perhaps new sponsors, will come in and build off of newer ideas and make it really a special place once again. I mean, bring back the hands on, edu-tainment that really made it special in the first place. It would be great to once again have kid-friendly, possibly hands on demos, that really make kids stop and be inspired by technology and innovation.

  2. I think Colortopia is a perfect example of the type of presentations that should be in Innoventions. I would like Epcot Futureworld to update itself to be about the possibilites – this is what the generations coming up need to spark their hope and interest in making our world a better place.

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