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Zuri’s Sweets Shop – New treats for Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Disney’s Animal Kingdom has opened a new area with food, treats, sweets, and unique items. Harambe Market and Zuri’s Sweets Shop offer guests something new for the parks along with some great ways to bring the magic of Disney home with you.

We’ve previously given you a physical tour of the new location, but today we have an interview with Steven Miller who specializes in merchandise for Disney marketing. Our “Kid’s View of Disney” host Indigo joins Steven to take us through the new items:

Here are a few photos of the product table Steven was demonstrating.




What items do you want to try first?

4 thoughts on “Zuri’s Sweets Shop – New treats for Disney’s Animal Kingdom”

  1. Looks like a place we will be dropping some cash next trip…but where’s the poop? We definitely wanted to try those. After all, we’ve had snowman poop and reindeer poop, so why not AK poop? Fun kid treat–crabby grownups need not apply. ;)

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