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Traci Hines gets Elsa-fied in Frozen “Let it Go” video

Traci Hines - Let it Go

Traci Hines is not just the Ultimate Cosplay Ariel, she’s an accomplished singer with a growing list of terrific Disney themed songs to her name. Her latest song will be familiar to fans of Disney’s uber-popular animated feature Frozen, and anyone who has been with in 10 feet of a fan who has heard them singing this song. According to Hines, this is the most requested song, character, and video since the movie came out.

Now it’s time to Let It Go.

It took over a year to finish this music video and I think it shows. Everything from the Elsa costume to the amazing setting of Ice Castles makes this video great. Of course, it wouldn’t happen without the talents of Traci Hines. Congratulations to her and everyone on her creative team. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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