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Victory: Disney exchanging poorly made Haunted Mansion Dooney and Bourke Bags

dooney-bourke-hmAfter a long customer service nightmare, Disney fan Oni Hartstein has finally prevailed in getting someone to take responsibility for the shoddily-made Dooney and Bourke Haunted Mansion bag she owned.

Initially a 10th Wedding Anniversary gift, as many Disney fans know, even acquiring the Haunted Mansion bag can be an epic story. Sadly, shortly after the bag came home, evidence of poor quality was available. The finish was coming off, seams were poorly sewn, and handles snapped off. This was not the quality Dooney and Bourke were famed for.

There’s some speculation as to what happened, but we understand that Dooney and Bourke wanted to increase the volume of bags they could produce and went with a new factory that cut corners.


That’s understandable, but what’s not acceptable is Dooney’s lack of customer service when it came to making right all the problems. It took over 7 months of back and forth between Dooney and Oni before she was finally able to get Disney to step in.

Oni’s victory post:

Disney SVP Global Merch gave me the entire updated Haunted Mansion bag line for free. I now have more bags than I know what to do with. I’m assured that all of the bags in stores now are fixed and that the faulty bags were from a 3 month period of issues. If you have the same issue and your bag fell apart I’ve updated the post with details to contact Disney to get it resolved. Dooney is not who you should be contacting. They are running a circus. Disney is doing it right.

The whole story and how to get your expensive Disney Dooney and Bourke bag replaced if you experienced the same problems on Oni’s blog.

2 thoughts on “Victory: Disney exchanging poorly made Haunted Mansion Dooney and Bourke Bags”

  1. Disney wouldn’t do anything for me because they said it was Dooney’s problem since it was after their 30 day return policy. I ended up getting my crossbody pouchette replaced from Dooney after going back and fourth and posting on their facebook page, they replaced it and have done the same for others. I don’t give Disney any credit at all, though Dooney’s customer service wasn’t the best, they did honor their warranty finally.

  2. I am so happy they are fixing this problem. I have the cross body and I am so afraid to use it because I don’t want it to get messed up. We shouldn’t pay all this money to have the purses just collect dust.

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