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Pixar’s Inside Out box office results strong in 2nd weekend


For another weekend, no one could conquer the wild beasts of “Jurassic World.” That means that despite its strong results, Pixar’s “Inside Out” came in second place again. Dropping just 42% from it’s opening weekend, the emotions of Inside Out managed to ring up $52.1 Million in the domestic box office, just behind the $54.2M for Jurassic World. That’s a very strong 2nd weekend and is a good sign for future box office take for Pixar’s latest film.

Inside Out’s domestic total so far is $185 Million and its global take is $266.4 million. This puts it on a pace to be Pixar’s second highest grossing film, just behind “Toy Story 2.”

Btw, the success of “Inside Out” has helped push the box office total for Walt Disney Studios past the $1 billion mark earlier in the year than ever before. Might explain why Disney’s stock value keeps rising.

How many times have you seen Inside Out? Have you spotted the Pizza Planet truck yet?