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Disney to add 20 acre Solar Energy Farm


Disney has just signed a 15-year agreement with Duke energy to build a 20 acre solar energy farm with generating about 5 MW a day or potentially 5% of Walt Disney World’s daily needs. As part of the agreement Disney will buy the clean energy from Duke to help run the energy intensive resort.

The location is expected to be near EPCOT Center drive and World Center drive and, yes, it will be in a familiar Disney inspired shape.

This isn’t Disney’s first foray into solar energy. The Energy pavilion has had solar panels for 30 years, with an upgrade to newer technology in 1998.

Personally, I’m hoping they’ll build the solar farm in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head. They could even put it in the EPCOT Parking lot with overhead structures providing shade to cars and green energy at the same time. In theory you’ll be able to see it from the EPCOT Monorail loop as you travel from the TTC, so that should be pretty cool.


I’ve heard that recent advances in photovoltaic cells makes this sort of solar energy farm much more viable, more than a giant green photo-op at least.

Do you think this is more than just a publicity stunt from Disney?

(Top image credit: Sass Peress, Renewz Sustainable Solutions Inc, CC-By-SA-3.0 licensed)

4 thoughts on “Disney to add 20 acre Solar Energy Farm”

  1. I’d love to see them cover the parking lot with solar canopies for better energy conservation and for keeping cars cool in the hot Florida sun.

    These have been in place at the Cincinnati Zoo for a few years and they’re wonderful. On a sunny, cool day they actually produce more power than the zoo needs to run.

  2. I love that they’re adding more renewable energy. I also love the idea put forth of doing over the parking lots. They would be saving space and providing shade and protection for parked cars. Great idea!

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