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24-hour marathon day kicks off summer celebration at Walt Disney World


The 24-hour summer kick-off celebration at Walt Disney World signals the launch of the Coolest Summer Ever at Walt Disney World. Guests can enter the Magic Kingdom at 6AM on May 22nd and then stay a full 24 hours in the park until the park closes at 6AM on the 23rd.

I’ve attended the previous 24-hour days at the Magic Kingdom and will definitely be back for this one. However, I’m on the edge about whether I will be doing the full 24 hours this time.

Here are some tips based on personal experience if you want to stay up all night and take full advantage of the celebration.

  • Wear comfortable clothing. Guests are encouraged to come costumed (within the guidelines) and many guests go DisneyBound. That’s great, but you’ll be happy if you have comfortable shoes. Trust me.
  • Hydrate, even after dark. The Florida heat & humidity can sap the energy right out of you and it doesn’t totally dissipate overnight.
  • Avoid the junk food and deep fried entrees. Greasy foods will leave you feeling blah and less likely to have the energy to make it all the way through the night.
  • Have a buddy (or two or three) to help keep you going. Feeling tired? Walk over to a dance party and get moving.
  • Post to social with the hashtag #24hourday or #CoolestSummer and follow along with your fellow inmates.
  • Enjoy the extra entertainment offered during the celebration. It may be the same show you’ve seen before, but they do extra stuff during the 24-hour parties.
  • Finally, take it easy on the cast members. Many of them are puling extra shifts at odd hours to make the magic happen for you. They might get a little stressed at times. Just chill and go with the flow. With 24 hours in the day, there’s plenty of time to get everything you want to do accomplished.

Good luck! If everything goes as planned, we’ll see you at the 5:50 AM kiss goodnight at the Railroad station in Town Square.