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Haunted Mansion’s new Hatbox Ghost revealed by Walt Disney Imagineering


The Hatbox Ghost has just reappeared at Walt Disney’s Haunted Mansion in Disneyland after a 45 year absence. If you saw the video from our previous post, you know Walt Disney Imagineering did an amazing job with both the figure and effect.


The Disney Parks blog has just released a pair of new images of the Hatbox Ghost installed in the mansion’s attic (above), while Imagineering has also released a video with some behind the scenes details on how the Hatbox Ghost was made:

WDI really did an astounding job. Yale Gracey, Marc Davis, and the team would be happy to see their unique creation finally functioning as part of the Haunted Mansion story.

Are you excited to see the Hatbox Ghost on your next trip to Disneyland?

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