Walt Disney World’s Coolest Summer Ever Announcements

Walt Disney World president George Kalogridis at Coolest Summer Ever event

Walt Disney World president George Kalogridis at Coolest Summer Ever event

The end of April usually contains a couple events designed to get the word out to families considering a Disney vacation about all the amazing fun lined up for the rest of the year. It’s also usually a time for new announcements to be made about upcoming projects. While there are a lot of great events coming up over summer, Disney did not make any big announcements.

We did hear that:

  • A new a capella music group has joined the entertainment lineup at EPCOT
  • Pixar’s Inside Out will have a preview at EPCOT after Tomorrowland’s ends
  • New food is coming to the Africa Marketplace in Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • There is a new pickup/delivery app in testing at DHS
  • A new show is coming to the Frozen Summer festivities at DHS
  • Disney’s restaurants are updating their allergy restriction procedures with more informative menus.

Good stuff, but not really anything earth shattering. There was a lot Walt Disney World could have announced but didn’t:

  • The Frozen meet & greet coming to EPCOT or at least some new concept art from the attraction they’re installing in Norway.
  • More concept art from Avatar-land.
  • What they’re planning to do with the land occupied by the Walt Disney World Speedway.
  • What is going in that blackbox theater coming to the space near Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.
  • The replacement for Innoventions at EPCOT, one half of which recently closed.
  • That new name for Disney’s Hollywood Studios they mentioned at the recent stockholders meeting.
  • Of course, we could have been given more information about the Star Wars theme park additions we’ve been told we’ll hear about in 2015 too. Chances are, we’ll hear about that at the D23 Expo, but something would have been nice.

I understand that not every year is a big year for news. But those are seven easy things they could have rolled out, none of which are secrets, but any of which would have made fans happy. I’m pretty sure I’ve even forgotten a few things.

Which of those seven would you like to learn more about?