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How to make Carthay Circle’s Manhattan cocktail


Even though I don’t hang out in the swankiest bars, I am in the know enough to tell you that the Manhattan is making a comeback. It’s a simple drink, sort of the Martini of Whiskey drinks, and a good quality Rye Whiskey makes all the difference.

The good folks at Carthay Circle Theatre Restaurant in Disney California Adventure have taken the time to demonstrate what goes into their signature Manhattan cocktail:

Man I need to get me one of those ice sphere makers.

Here’s the recipe if you didn’t catch it while watching the video.

2 Oz Rye Whiskey
1/2 Oz Sweet Vermouth
A couple dashes of bitters
Garnish (A cherry, usually)

If you don’t have Rye Whiskey around, you can use Bourbon or even a blended Whiskey. Stir it with some ice and then strain it into a lowball glass

Will you try a Manhattan next time you’re at the Carthay Circle Theatre Restaurant?

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