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Deluxe Studio Tour at DVC Polynesian Village Villas & Bungalows


The Polynesian Village Villas and Bungalows are the latest addition to the popular pay-in-advance to lock in savings Disney Vacation Club. Here we take a tour of the Deluxe Studio:

The Deluxe Studios at Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows are the largest at Walt Disney World Resort, sleeping five guests each. The Deluxe Studios also offer the flexibility of connecting to an adjacent room.

Each studio features tropical décor complete with striking prints, bamboo-style fixtures, a whimsical hidden pull-down bed, pull-out couch, and a split bathroom perfect for families. Many of the touches are inspired by artwork from Disney artist Mary Blair.


There is a fridge and microwave to warm up meals, which can help save you money while on vacation. Eventually, there will be 360 Deluxe Studios at the DVC Resort some with a view of the Seven Seas Lagoon.

1 thought on “Deluxe Studio Tour at DVC Polynesian Village Villas & Bungalows”

  1. Great. Now the view from Hawaii Longhouse is blocked for the water pageant. I am also wondering if these DVC people are allowed to use the concierge club in the Hawaii building. If they are, there goes the room and the ambience. It is already small and crowded with all the concierge guests. The village should have it’s own club.

    I saw the building going on when we were last there and it already had obscured lots of the view from 7 Seas Lagoon. It is a shame that they are blocking the highest paying guests from the view, ie: the concierge guests in the Hawaii Longhouse. They really did not think about this one, did they? I wonder if they will drop the price on the rooms in the Hawaii building or build a new concierge Longhouse where the view is unobstructed, so the concierge guests get what they are paying for, a view of the lake, the park and the water pageant. They could not put them in a worse place.

    Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty, and look very south seas and add a sense of really being in the south seas, BUT, it has ruined the peace and quiet of the Polynesian Resort and particularly the Hawaii building where you have the highest paying concierge guests. We loved the Hawaii building because of the unobstructed view of the island, the 7 seas lagoon and the Castle in the MK, as well as the King Kamehaha concierge club.

    I sure hope the guests who are staying in these bungalows are NOT using the Polynesian concierge club. Does anyone know if they are allwed to use the concierge lounge in the Hawaii building? There just is no the room for more guests in there. That would really ruin the experience further.

    I am not sure if we will return to the Poly for our usual stay at the Hawaii building anymore. We may have to find an alternative. We actually cruise more often now and spend more time on the Disney Cruise Line than we do at the resort anyway, so that may be our answer. Maybe only go to the World for a short visit and stay at the Contemporary or Grand Floridian concierge with MK view, or go back to the Beach Club and stay there. They have the best pool anyway and only the guests staying there can use it.
    There were always way too many people to swim in the volcano pool at the Poly, because everyone would come from the ferrys and go swimming for an hour or so and then get dressed in the bathrooms in the Main building and go back to the parks. I saw this regularly, so many women and kids changing into swim suits in the restrooms in the main building at the Poly and talking about how nice it was that the pool was so close to the MK and that they cool off for awhile and then go back to the park and then heAD back to their OFF SITE hotel. Believe me it happens all the time.

    And now with I don’t know haw many more people form the bungalows using the pools, if anyone could even get a toe wet. The pool needs to be fenced like the one at Beach and Yacht Club and one should have to show their Poly key to use it. It is a nightmare and adding more guests is only going to add to the nightmare of swimming there and using all the facilities like the food court, the quiet pool, the beach area…. Ever try getting a res at O’hana for breakfast? It just got harder with more Poly guests!

    I guess you can tell I am NOT a fan of the new DVC bungalows, (it seems DVC is taking over EVERY resort everywhere and destroying the views and adding to the amount of people using the facilities at the resorts). They are pretty, but they are not worth it for us to stray at the Poly anymore, if we lost our view, access to the pool and concierge lounge ambience to hundreds more DVC guests. I guess thuis is the way Disney is going, timeshares. If you don’t buy in, you are screwed. We will stiock to the ships and the service on them and our UNOBSTRUCTED and SMKELESS view of the ocean and islands and places the ships go. We even cruise on other cruise lines to the places the DCL does NOT go to yet. Hopefully DCL will get on the ball and change up some of the itineraries in the Caribbean and visit more different islands like other cruise lines do. St. Martin and St Thomas are fetting old fast and the Western is not much better. if they were to add St Kitts or Antigua to the eastern, they would be better. I know they are finally going back to Tortola, because tortola just finshed building a huge new Port project with shopping and dining and berthing for many ships, so finally we can go back to Tortola. We went there on the Magic when the port was small and the shopping consisted of tents of people selling souvenirs and the walk to town was not too bad. Now it will have a good safe port with shopping and food and may become a regular stop for Disney ships again.

    Anyway, farewell and aloha to the Poly….we will miss the somewhat peaceful (it is Disney after all and has lots of people) beautiful south seas ambience that permeated the place and the quiet and view that now will have families and kids running on the wooden walkways over the water with bungalows obscuring the view and not enough room at the pool to even get a toe wet.

    Aloha, Polynesian, we shall miss you and the cast that came to know so well and love very much.

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