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The Hatbox Ghost returning to Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion


The Hatbox Ghost is as much a real ghost as Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion actually has. It had a spot in the attic during the earliest few days of the attraction, but then around the time it opened to the public, it was gone, destined to become a legend and the ultimate holy grail for fans of the attraction.

Last week, Disneyland announced that The Hatbox Ghost would be reappearing inside the Haunted Mansion. As you might expect, it’s created quite a ruckus.

For more on the mystery of The Hatbox Ghost, check out this video from the Disney History Institute. It has the first actual footage of The Hatbox Ghost I’ve ever seen:

Mind your head and look for the legend to return sometime in May.

What do you think about the news? Now if I can only get them to add my Grandfather’s Tombstone back to the graveyard that honors Imagineers.