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Treat of the week: Funnel Cake from the America Pavilion


EPCOT is trying to tell you something about America. For instance, it says something that in order to pass into the pavilion, you first have to pass this while booth. What does the white booth serve? A delicious deep fried treat – the Funnel Cake. Yeah, that sums up America.


The funnel cake itself, is the perfect treat. It comes dusted with powdered sugar like a light snow in winter. But you can upgrade and add vanilla ice cream, apples, and/or chocolate sauce. They also have a special Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake on the menu.


If you’re not at EPCOT, you can also satisfy your urge for sweet goodness at Oasis Canteen in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Sleepy Hollow at the Magic Kingdom. They don’t sell them at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for some reason. But did you know they have a funnel cake cart on Disney’s Boardwalk?

I only wish they’d import some Boysenberry from Knott’s Berry Farm. That’s my favorite topping. What do you like on your Funnel Cake?