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Disney Theme Park Magic captured in Paper Sculpture by artist Britni Brault


Paper artist Britni Brault was raised in Anaheim, CA and has developed a love and appreciation for both The Walt Disney Company and Disneyland. That makes her a natural choices to be commissioned to a dazzling paper sculpture – it depicts the “real world” on one side and the #DisneySide on the other.

It took Britni a year of planning and three months of work to assemble the 3D sculpture.


As the sculpture spins around the ‘real world’ becomes magic’ A hair salon becomes Rapunzel’s Tower, a travel agency becomes it’s a small world, and there are special appearances by Snow White and Jungle Cruise.

180 degree spin

Britni is a regular artist for the Disney collectible merchandise events and has done other paper craft sculptures including Maleficent, Mary Poppins and Bert, Hitchhiking Ghosts, and others.

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